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SlipAngle /// Episode 153 - Live from #GRIDLIFE Midwest - Time Attack Announcing with Matt Farah and Jarod DeAnda

Austin Cabot

Episode 153 - We're in the announcers booth at #GRIDLIFE Midwest Festival announcing with Matt Farah and Jarod DeAnda.  Matt gets called on on saying "drifting is easy,"  we hear about a plane landing during a runway roll race, and Robert Thorne stops by to talk about his growing busted axle and diff collection that's getting larger at every event.

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So, is the Differential ok? (or, how I learned to love simple gear type diffs)

Adam Jabaay

Transmissions are complicated, but taking apart a blown up one isn't that scary...

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Going down the rabbit hole, with Mr. Ravi

Adam Jabaay

This hobby sucks you in.  Somehow it sucked in Mr. Ravi.....and all he had at the start was an automatic Tiburon ....which means you can probably get your daily driver on track as well, huh? 

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