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About was founded by drivers, for drivers under the premise that normal media outlets weren't exactly aimed at us.  Everybody that contributes to the site has at least a little seat time on track (some more than others).  Many of us are instructors, shop owners, fabricators, club racers, etc.  We feel the track experience is a vital part to our stories as automotive enthusiasts.  We see ourselves as driving enthusiasts above all else.  This simple truth allows us to provide unique, educated perspectives on vehicles, events, and engineering that traditional media outlets just do not provide.  


Austin Cabot - Editor

Austin has a long pedigree of hobby addiction including but not limited to: photography, travel, driving, people, and cars - essentially, everything that is needed for to work. He enjoys silly puns and driving fast on track in whatever he's handed the keys to.  Helping others learn to go fast on track and sharing the amazing sport of auto racing is what he is passionate about.  

email: | phone: 770.855.2285



Adam Jabaay - Associate Editor , 708.269.5646

Adam is a sometimes-racer(life gets busy...) with Nasa and Scca, in his crx you'll hear him yammer on about.  He enjoys writing and talking on Slipangle more than he'd thought he would, and would like to do more of that and less custom carpentry as he gets older.......  He's been instructing and organizing HPDE events for around 10 years, and is never more relaxed than at the track with buddies. 



Abe "Froman" Schmucker - Contributing Editor

Abe works a corporate job to fund his racing addiction.  He’s only been on track since 2014, but got a quick start checking off items on every racer’s “bucket list”.  In 2016, he competed in the Tire Rack One Lap of America, and the #Gridlife Track Battle. It was through Gridlife that he got to know Adam and Austin. The rest is history. Follow his EVO X adventures at OneLapGSR.







If you are interested in being a contributor, please email and tell us what unique attributes and perspective you bring to the table.  All emails will be responded to.  We hated when we would write a email and not hear anything back from the big names in the automotive media world.  We won't do that to you.  You can even call Austin at 770.855.2285, but be warned he loves to talk and you may be on the phone for a while.