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SlipAngle /// Episode 199 - Dan Gardner of DG-Spec

Austin Cabot

Photo by Toyota

Photo by Toyota

Episode 199 - Austin sits down with Dan Gardner of DG-Spec in Redondo Beach, CA.  Dan has built a career out of running programs for OEMs and building OEM Quality vehicle builds for automotive manufactuers.  Everything DG-Spec builds is tested in the environment it was designed.  Their latest project, a heavily modified Toyota C-HR was Austin's favorite car at SEMA in 2017.  Not only was the build quality and attention to detail superb, but the car actually ran a 1:25 around Willow Springs.  Not bad for a crossover!  We talk to Dan about how he got his start, what makes the cars him and his team build so great on so many levels, and hear some racing stories from this long time road racer.  We also get some tips on what any driver can do to improve their racing program at any long as they can commit enough.  For more on Dan and DG-Spec, visit