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Video Tour - Up Garage in Okinawa, Japan


Video Tour - Up Garage in Okinawa, Japan

Austin Cabot

Recently, this video popped up on my facebook feed from one Spencer Tarkenton.  If I remember correctly, he owned an FR-S back when I had mine.  He's also an American living in Japan and even gotten his hands on an R32 GT-R that he bought recently, the lucky guy.  Watch as Spencer and his son take us on a quick tour of Up Garage in Okinawa, Japan.

My son and I visit Up Garage in Okinawa, Japan to check out their inventory. Up Garage is an awesome store to pick up second hand JDM parts for a good price.

For more videos from Spencer, visit his YouTube channel here - 

Thank you Spencer for allowing us to post this video, and thanks for taking the time to put it together.