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Weekly Pit Stop #1

Austin Cabot

Welcome to the "Weekly Pit Stop".  Each week we will be sharing links we enjoyed as well as vehicles we have found for sale that might be of interest to tracktuned readers.  Rather than bombard you with tons of links day after day, we've decided to put all of those links from the week into one place to make your life easier.   We're still not sure what day it will be coming out every week, but we find enough interesting things online every week, that there should always be quality content like you've come to expect from us.  

If you're thinking about buying or selling a racecar online, there are tons of resources. From Craigslist and Facebook to Forums and specific racing websites - there are probably more places to search than   This week we have a few cars for sale that we have seen or heard about around the holiday season.  There is a lightweight RWD bias this week.  It's what I know and love the best.  I've personally owned lesser build cars of each of these and can confirm that any of them are a good choice for the seasoned veteran or the new track driver alike.  That's what makes them so great.  I also feel that they are great buys.

2005 Honda S2000 with K24 Swap - NASA PTC / TTC Classed - $25,000obo

S2000s are considered by many to be wonderful track cars and racecars.  I owned one for 8 years and 80k miles and never had any issues.  I did one valve adjustment and tracked the snot out of it, only changing consumables and fluids.  If you want a car that can grow with you throughout your driving career, the S2000 is a great start.  Normally, I feel that they are a tad overvalued these days - clean examples from near the end of the production run can fetch near $30k.  I would much rather buy this car from our friend Andrew.

Andrew has owned this 2005 Honda S2000 since new and with only around 50k miles on it, it's one of the lower mileage cars around - but that's not what makes it so great.  This thing is pretty much the perfectly executed NA powered s2000 in my opinion - and I've been around S2000s since 2008.  

It's a fully caged racecar on AST 4150 suspension, with a Honda K24 Motor Swap.  It's had a lot of time put into it and is done right.  Andrew is an Engineer at a certain electric car manufacturer, so you can be sure that everyone was done right on the car.  It sports a Voltex rear wing, the cage was done by TC Design, and all the safety equipment is current.   


Here's all the information from Andrew's original post on -

It's with much sadness that I am deciding to post my S2000 up for sale. I am the original owner of the car and have thus seen it go from my daily driver, to a NASA PTC/TTC race car. I've recently gotten a new job and I figure it's time to start thinking more about my financial future.
This is a very capable car and I am sure it can be a PTC/TTC national title contender. That was my intention with the build of this car, but I have unfortunately not had the time or resources to devote to the hunt.

2005 Honda S2000
chassis mileage: roughly 50k
Asking Price: $25K OBO


-2006 K24A2
- Engine and Transmission mounts by Innovative Mounts
-AEM Infinity 8h ECU
-Golden Eagle Intake Manifold
-Ballade Sports 70mm throttle body
-Ballade Sports Header
-Berk 3" Header Back Exhaust
-Clutchmasters flywheel : fits F20/22 clutch and pressure plate
-ACT HD pressure plate
-ACT performance street clutch disc
-Koyo oversized radiator
-Ktuned Electric Water Pump
-Ktuned Fuel pressure regulator
-Setrab Oil Cooler
-Moroso increased capacity baffled oil pan
-Radium Engineering oil catch can


-AST 4150 shocks
-Eibach 750lb/in springs front and rear
-Factory Sway Bars
-Energy Suspension Poly bushings: control arms and differential mount
-Delrin Offset front upper control arm bushings by GT Motoring
-3 sets of TR C3 17x9 wheels
-OEM replica hard top gutted for weight and cage clearance
-Voltex Type 3 rear wing
-Wood Front splitter
-Factory Brakes-Hawk DTC-70/60 brake pads with custom front brake ducting. 
-Vehicle weight: roughly 2650 lbs with 35 lbs of ballast and a full tank of gas (I haven't weighed since the engine conversion)

Accessories/Data Acquisition

-Racepak IQ3 datalogging Display receiving AEM Infinity data over CAN
-Extra Sensors: Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature
-Mylaps hard wired transponder
-Longacre broadview mirror
-Longacre spot side mirrors
-Cool Shirt Personal Cooling System


-NASA/SCCA spec 6 Point Roll Cage by TC Design
-OMP HTE seat: manufactured in 2012
-Schroth 6 point enduro belts for HANS : has loops for elastic straps to allow for quick driver changes
-G-Force side window net
-FireSense fire bottle and nozzles: 3 in cabin, 3 in engine bay
-Genesis Electrical Kill Switch
-NASA logbook

-spare Rio Yellow trunk lid
-Overheated F22C: Head is trashed, Block will need to be bored and sleeved to function again.

Contact Info


1999 Mazda Miata NASA PTE Build - $8,000

So to be completely honest, I debated if I should post this car or not.  It's not that it's not worthy - it completely is - but I didn't want any of you stealing it out from under me!  A quick reveal of my finances show that it's not the smartest idea for me at the moment, so if one of you would pick it up, it would make me very happy.  It's a great deal.  This one comes by way of Facebook and is posted in a group specific to buying and selling built racecars.  I hear South Dakota is beautiful this time of year...

1999 Miatas are currently considered to be the best choice (most optimized) of the Miatas.  From SCCA club racing and autocross to general enthusiasts - the first year of the NB is the car to own. This example is nearly exactly as I'd have one, aside from the color - It's not white!  It does have an OS Giken diff, Xida coilovers (not sure on generation), and looks ready to race.  The motor is the original motor, but the seller says that a built trackspeed engineering motor is available for cheap if the buyer wants it. It's such a great deal.  I don't expect this thing to be around for long.  If you need help contacting the seller, please email me at and I'll do what I can.  

2013 Subaru BRZ - Track Prepped Street Car - $18,000 obo

This last car belongs to my buddy Joel.  This exact car is the reason I bought my own FRS back in February of 2013.  As far as I know, this was the first BRZ sold in the state of Illinois.  Joel has slowly been building the car over the past few years.  It would be a great platform for someone wanting a daily driven track car that's somewhat comfortable.  It would also be a great starting point for a fully built racecar for a potential NASA PT, SCCA ST, or Spec 86 car.  

Funny - every photo I can find of this thing on track on Joels Facebook is of me driving it.  LOL.

Funny - every photo I can find of this thing on track on Joels Facebook is of me driving it.  LOL.

In an email from Joel, he says:

2013 Subaru BRZ Limited, World Rally Blue.

Mileage: 29,348 - currently stored for winter

Asking Price: $18,000

Mods list:


Semi-gutted (rear seats removed, but would come with the car)

2x Recaro Pole Position fixed back seats

2x G-Force FIA certified 5-point harnesses (2014)

Kartboy short-shift kit (extra bushings included)

Autopower 4-point Weld-in Race Roll Bar



Seibon Carbon Fiber OEM-style hood

Seibon Carbon Fiber 10mm overfenders (both front fenders)

Grimmspeed hood struts

APR Carbon Fiber Side-view mirrors

Silver 17" Enkei RPF1s with RE-11s (nearly full tread)

Gold 17" RPF1s with RE-11As (low tread)


--Drivetrain/Engine bay:

Grimmspeed master cylinder brace

2x Project Mu heat socks (brake and clutch fluid reservoirs)

Nameless Longtube Header w/black ceramic coating

Nameless 2.5" Full Catback exhaust (incl. axelback)

Berk Track Pipe

ecuTek ProTune by Mikey@Moto-east




KW Clubsport Coils


--Included but not currently installed:

Most OEM parts, save fenders/hood and a few interior panels

STi Motor Mounts

Custom oil cooler setup

Part of a flex-fuel kit (the sensor and some connectors)

I can vouch for this car being a solid build.  It needs a little attention to suspension setup, but is a very solid starting place.  Anyone with the time could easily dial this car in in a weekend or two at the track.  

To get in contact with Joel, email him at

So there you have it, our first Weekly Pit Stop.  We will be back soon with more cars for sale, or more videos or share, or...whatever else we feel you need to see!  Have a great week! Our first podcast episode with driving coach, Ross Bentley, will be out on Tuesday.  Listen in at  - Austin