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SlipAngle /// Episode 44 - Brent & Kelley Picasso from Autosport Labs

Austin Cabot

Episode 44 - Austin and Adam are joined by Brent and Kelley Picasso of Autosport Labs to talk about how they got started developing data aquisition systems, their experiences driving, and their newest project in the RaceCapture line.  View the RaceCapture kickstarter campaign *here* and learn more about Autosport Labs at their website *here*.  For more on the Podium platform to share and compare data, visit

Autosport Labs has developed RaceCapture - a new, powerful data acquisition tool that makes data analysis more affordable and accessible to all drivers.  Here at, we like data, and we like accessibility and affordability as well.  We were so impressed by what the team at Autosport Labs has created we invited them to come on the show and share with our listeners just what it is they are up to! The videos below are from the RaceCapture kickstarter page and contain most of the information you need to know on how the system works.